Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2013 recap

I did a similar post on 31st December last year so I thought it'd be a fun tradition to carry on with. Here's last year's post if anyone's even slightly interested.

In 2013 I...

... Finally moved into our new house. Definitely worth the wait! I love my little house.

... Visited Paris for the first time with mom and it was just as cosy as I expected it to be.

... Passed my driving test (second time around, the first time I nearly crashed into a car ahem).

... Graduated from my Psychology course.

... Had my family over to visit (and for my dad it was the first time!)

... Went on my first proper "sunny holiday" with Steve, to Malta.

... Worked in three different jobs in the space of a month.

... Cut my hair short.

... Lost someone very important to me.

... Visited Sweden once (contrary to my goals last year) and only for four days.

... Got through a very important application process. Hello again university!

In 2014 I'm looking forward to...

... Starting a whole new chapter of my working life.

... Visiting London with Steve over Valentine's Day.

... Having my mom and my brother over to visit again.

... Definitely, definitely visiting Sweden twice this year. Christmas 2014 in Sweden, it's happening.

... Hopefully visit a festival this year before I get even more 'too old'.

I am just going to continue on with last year's vague resolution of being positive and grateful etc. Always good goals to have. Happy new year!

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