Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Christmas list

If you know me at all, you know that I'm a lover of lists. And although the thought of having a bucket list is far too much pressure for me (what if I fail to succeed one or two of the items on the list? Talk about major extra anxiety over death that is already a pretty grim subject you know) I do like having small, seasonal lists of things that I would like to do. Especially if they're Christmas related when there's so many things that I cannot even remember everything that I want to do.

Image from my Pinterest.

1. Visit the Continental Christmas Market. This is done! And it was lovely.

2. Watch a whole bunch of new and old Christmas movies. The movies that I want to watch deserve a blog post of their own, but we have already watched The Polar Express and White Christmas this year.

3. Bake something seasonal. My ideas include gingerbread and peanutbutter cups so far, mainly because they're quick and delicious. 

4. Add more songs to my Christmas playlist. Obviously I have a Christmas playlist. Don't you?

5. Send Christmas cards. They are signed and lying ready on the hall table... I just haven't gotten around to sending them. Maximum laziness.

6. Finish Lost. Okay, so this is not a typical Christmas activity but I start my Christmas holidays on the 19th. That leaves me with about ten unplanned days in which I can watch as much Lost as I want. And that amount is a lot.

7. Invite Steve's parents over for a Christmas-sy dinner. Last year me and Steve made dinner for his parents on Christmas Eve and we plan on continuing this tradition. Considering how much time they spend on preparing the meal for Christmas Day we might as well make life easier for them the night before so they don't have to make yet another meal. Then we kick them out because we have Christmas Eve parties to go to.

8. Take pictures of lots of corners of my home. And hopefully post them here. This is mainly because my family (mainly mom) won't see my first proper house decorated in person. So I'm just gonna bring that little part of my life on to the internet... 

Christmas Day is a very small part of Christmas for me. I prefer the time leading up to it. Is it the excuse to eat more sweets than usual? An unhealthy love of fairy lights? Or cheesy movies and music? A little bit of everything, I believe.

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