Friday, 20 December 2013

How I decorate for Christmas

Three posts in one week?! I am clearly on a roll here. These pictures were actually taken last weekend and then I was busy working and didn't have time to transfer them from my iPhone to the laptop etc etc. Yes, count yourselves lucky being the audience of my wonderful iPhone photos. Truth to be told, this is a post written to my mom. She's the one who'd like to see this stuff, the rest of you might not.

I have a tree. It's dear to my heart. I didn't buy any new tree decorations this year (can people afford to buy new stuff each year?) so I just made do with the stuff I bought last year and I love how whimsical it is. Obviously there's plenty of more grandiose trees out there but these one is grand enough for us. Also see my Christmas wrapping paper for this year. Snowflakes!

A couple of the decorations that I'm extra fond of; Christmas robots, candy canes, hearts and also a gingerbread man that I received from my family a couple of years ago. I think it might be edible (?) because it sure feels gummy-like but I wouldn't like to try. Hooray for rotting Christmas decorations.

My open fire has a festive touch (crooked picture as always - were you expecting something better? In that case, sorry) with a snowflake-inspired garland made of my late granny's doilies, some fake greenery and four advent candles, a wire heart and mine and Steve's stockings that won't be filled due to health and safety issues with their fastenings. Also, a Christmas penguin and a ram. 

These last pictures are from my kitchen. I have my nativity scene from my childhood to which I have added lanterns and tiny trees and I also have a smaller Christmas tree in the corner. This tree is the one me and Steve had in our first flat together (because we couldn't fit a bigger one in there) but is completely decked out in silver baubles and silver packages due to insufficient Christmas tree decorations in any other colour. Oh well. Around the house I also have an unusual amount of candles that smell like Christmas plus one or two Santas (not real) in the bedroom but they weren't caught on camera. And now I need to do some cleaning and then some gingerbread dough. 

P.S. How long can I keep posting pictures of my house and tagging them as "new house"? How long is it new? 

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