Friday, 27 December 2013

The best things about Christmas 2013...

Image from my Pinterest.

... Starting it in my own house with Steve for the first time.

... The huge amounts of delicious food.

... Hogging the remote controlled airplane and playing with it all Christmas Day. The children can play with it after the holidays.

... The fact that I'm eating leftover pecan pie right now.

... Spending Boxing night dancing to Little Mix. When did they get good? Should I just blame alcohol?

... The fact that I'm not hungover. Seriously, it's a miracle.

... Playing board games and being so crap that I'm paired up with another adult to give my team a chance.

... Receiving amazing Christmas gifts (a couple of highlights; a nespresso machine from Steve, lots of Soap & Glory products from Steve, the Naked 3 palette also from Steve, my favourite makeup brushes from a friend and a Cath Kidston wallet from Steve's sister).

... Making dinner on Christmas Eve and discovering that I can make nice roast potatoes. I'm basically British now.

... Watching the crazy videos that my family posted from Sweden.

Now, on to January. To new beginnings (like actual new beginnings for once) and to hoping that Christmas 2014 is even half as good as this one was.

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