Sunday, 29 December 2013

Week 51 & 52 - christmas

All images from my Instagram.

The past two weeks have gone from incredibly busy to... not busy at all. I finished up my previous work (and hello never ever having to get up at half six on Sunday morning. At least not in the foreseeable future) then spent my time intensely getting into Christmas spirits. This was done by making too many gingerbread men for any sane person, wrapping Christmas presents and cramming as many Christmas movies as possible. I even managed to do every single thing that was on my Christmas list (apart from finishing Lost - but that wasn't really a very Christmas-y goal anyway).

On Monday I went to Belfast for a haircut (which was necessary to avoid The Animal from The Muppets-stage), a few more gifts and then dinner with friends. At that point my cold had returned with vengeance and I was miserable enough to spend my night at the out of hours clinic in order to get medication for it. (Which I fortunately got). The rest of Christmas was just as calm as I had wished for it to be and I have done literally nothing the past few days. In fact, I have left the house twice in the past three days. Once to get eggs and milk and once to steal shortbread from Steve's parents' house. Because of the Steam sale I also have no reason to leave the house for the next week or so... Whoops.

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