Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Another (geometric) Etsy wishlist #2

I am back on Etsy now, sitting up late at night trailing for handmade and uniquely printed tea towels that are too expensive to ship to the UK. My eyes are red and tired but I just cannot stop scrolling. In my insane mind it is completely normal to pay £9 for a tea towel. So I thought I'd make another geometric Etsy wishlist!* (I have other types of Etsy wishlists as well but the geometric ones are the ones closest to my heart.) Oh, did you know that Etsy do wedding dresses? No? Neither do I. I never look at wedding dresses on Etsy in my spare time.

1. Who wouldn't love a candle light holder like these from Little Lamb Craft? I'm all aboard the idea of incorporating more textures and natural wood in my home and the pastel colours are perfect for spring.

2. Here's a phone case from Idea Case that I would not mind at all. The wood makes it cool, the pattern (with triangles! be still my heart) makes it less "your parents' cabin from the 70s".

3. I definitely want to dabble in plants this year and possibly make them survive a life with me. Concrete Geometric makes these tiny cute ones in concrete. (Duh.)

4. And I'm loving the necklace by InfinEight. This + a gray sweater for those spontaneous dinner parties that I always go to.

*This post does not actually contain a single tea towel. If you want me to my next Etsy post will feature nothing but tea towels.

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