Tuesday, 21 January 2014

January goals - halfway through

Were you expecting me to fail? I was. I was expecting myself to fail miserably. But look who's laughing now, because I've done incredibly well. Sort of.

Image from my Pinterest. (I did yoga last week.)

1. I have exercised three times a week, every week so far. Last week I didn't push myself quite as far as I would've liked but I'm definitely going to make up for that. At some point, not tonight. (I did a FitnessBlender thigh & butt workout and OH MY. My thighs have decided to fall into a coma.)

2. I also halved our food expenses so far. In fact, I think we've spent £80 on food the past three weeks. We're still unbelievably poor since we had to buy London plane tickets + hotel, but at least we're laughing manically while eating porridge all day err day.

3. Operation moisturise myself to death is going well. I've successfully slotted it into my daily routine and my aim is to get skin so soft that babies are jealous.

4. Also I've been posting regularly all January, whaat. Not that all of these posts have been particularly exciting but at least I feel good about myself for sticking to my decisions.

Plus I added two goals for good measure:

5. Drink at least 1600 ml of fluid each day - mostly water. I decided to do this before January but since I'm keeping it up anyway... Let's just add it to the list so that I feel good about myself.

6. Read 52 books in 2014. This could be a bit tricky but I have plenty of time now that I commute every day. (Don't expect me to do work on the train. I can't do work for 8 hours and then continue reading about psychology on my way home, it's not human.) This could be troublesome if I run into a really long book (like the one I'm reading right now but it's so good that I don't really want it to end anyway.)

We'll see how well I do for the last ten days when February comes along. Sweet February.

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