Sunday, 5 January 2014

Week 1 - NYE and recovering from it

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This was my last week before the start of serious work and so obviously I tried to max out the amount of fun I had. Turns out that one New Year's Eve was all the maxing I could handle and the rest of the week I slept. On NYE we went to Portrush to a friend's house where we had a wild night of board games and drinks. It was fun. But also kind of scary because it felt like looking into the future where we're actually... responsible. During the week I received my only sales purchases (three items - I should be given a medal) and they're all very useful and things that I definitely needed. Thumbs up for that! During the week I also finished Lost (and what is going on? I thought I knew the twist at the end but it turns out that I was wrong. The twist fooled me? Also, the first three and maybe even the fourth season are great but it definitely gets a lot worse after that.) and started the Legend trilogy. I'm currently almost done with the second book. I bet I will have finished the third one before the end of next week and I've even been writing down my thoughts on the books as I go along.

Today I have done some exercise, we're soon going to do our weekly grocery shop and then we have to stop by at Steve's niece and nephew's house for some gift-giving. Because they got so much for Christmas we're only giving them the tiniest things (this is what we've been ordered to do by Steve's sister) so there has been some regifting stuff that I had lying about that's never use. Also, to motivate me further when it comes to healthy January I decided to join the January Fitness & Health Challenge (created by Fiona Likes To Blog). This week's challenge; exercise three times and eat three healthy vegetarian meals. I'm on to it. (Can you tell that I feel incredibly motivated just because I know other people are doing it too?!)

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