Sunday, 12 January 2014

Week 2 - first week of postgrad

Yes, that is a massive photo of Picard.

Aren't you thrilled to be reading a blog that only ever puts up Instagram photos and not even exciting ones at that? (That's a lie though, because I think this is a very exciting photo.) This was the one Instagram photo I took all week and although it is seemingly only a red door, it also represented the start of my PhD. Yay! Obviously there's tons of work to do and I haven't even really been able to get started yet since this was the first week. So far I have spent all my time realising all the things that need to be done and slowly becoming more and more terrified. In a good way.

Other than that I also took part in the January Health & Fitness Challenge and exercised three times (as I had already promised myself anyway) but also ate three vegetarian meals. I had quorn steak with sweet potato crisps and salad one day and also vegetarian curry twice because I accidentally made huge amounts of it. Obviously it wasn't all exercising and eating healthily. (It never is if I have anything to say about it.) On Friday I had a friend over for weekly tea and cake night and last night I was at a friend's house for a houseparty. It was an intense night and I've only just recovered. Finally, I've decided to read 52 books this year. I know what you're thinking, I'm also a little doubtful whether this will actually happen.

P.S. It's so nice to be excited for the workweek to start!

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