Sunday, 19 January 2014

Week 3 - struggling with exercise

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Another week has gone! This will be a short summary of the week because as I'm spending all my time freaking out about my studies (or actually doing work on it). So I don't get much time leftover for doing interesting things. (As if I ever did interesting things.) On Friday I saw some friends after work and we finally exchanged the last few Christmas presents. Better late than never is our motto, apparently. And when I came home I was feeling very energetic due to all caffeine and I finally put our Christmas trees in the roof space. I don't even know how I got up there but somehow I did. On Saturday I continued with my pottering about the house, reorganising drawers, finally glueing back together the candlestick that I received last summer, tried to hang a painting and made the wall crumble apart, again. Now I'm not allowed to do any more hammering. In the evening we babysat Steve's nephews and today we have done absolutely nothing.

Health-wise, this week has been so-so. I bought a giant pack of mixed fruits and nuts to keep in the office and it actually works quite well. I have snacks which keeps me from buying more but I don't like it enough to overeat. Success! For my lunch I've mainly had salads, although I did resort to a sandwich one of the days when I was sick of my usual food. I was trying to stay away from caffeine for the week as part of the January Health & Fitness goals. It didn't go well, I was back to coffee on Tuesday. Whoops. I did exercise three times, although one of them was a 30 minute yoga-inspired session rather than my usual cardio. Today me and Steve went on a brisk walk for 40 minutes and then I did one of the kickboxing videos from FitnessBlender. Next week I will definitely step it up when it comes to exercise!

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