Sunday, 26 January 2014

Week 4 - sick, again

All images are from my Instagram. 

I'm sorry for all the dark pictures. The small window of daylight occurs when I'm at work/PhD office and during the weekends it's light outside but it's not actually light. It's like there's a blue filter over the world. Just you wait, in June I'll be able to post happy, bright pictures like these again. Work was busy, university was busy and then I got a cold AGAIN on top of it all. I feel like the injustice in the world has reached new heights; so when I exercise regularly and eat plenty of fruit and vegetables I somehow get two colds in the space of a month? How is that logic at all? Well, it sure showed me for being so smug about doing regular exercise - I've only been able to exercise once this week. Ugh.

Today I have mainly been tending to myself through baths and unreasonably fluffy socks, but I also cleaned the fridge. There's only three weeks left until my mom visits and I felt nervous about the previous state of the fridge. (So much old food that I was possibly cultivating a whole new species.) In other news, I finished reading another book (Life of Pi) yesterday and I'm currently planning out my February book purchases. It looks like there's gonna be an disproportionate amount of YA fiction targeting the male population...

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