Tuesday, 11 February 2014

10 reasons to smile 21.0

It's Tuesday and I've been very busy lately soooo... happy-post is required.

one - I'm going to London in three days! I'm sorry for constantly going on about it but it really does feel like a legitimate reason to be happy.

two - On Monday my mom and Elias visit. Also something I constantly bring up lately but it's going to be so cozy to have them about.

three - I have bought a lot of stuff lately. I know that I'm a super-shallow person for thinking of shopping as a source of happiness but you know what? I had a tough January, finance-wise - I deserve some frivolous spending. Oh dear, this is going to be a long paragraph but I have to say that I'm extra excited about my patterned trousers (on sale), leather shift dress (on sale) and my bronzing powder from the Bodyshop (also on sale). At least I've been buying everything half price.

four - I'm reading such a good book at the moment, called Vicious. It's about two boys in college (in Americ-uh) who discover a way to become EOs (Extra-Ordinary). Basically, they get super powers and then they become deadly enemies and now the book is all about revenge. It doesn't like much of a story but it has gotten me hooked.

five - I'm currently eating Cookies & Cream ice cream. (err also half price. I have no shame.)

six - I've been vigilant with my exercise ever since I got healthy again and (although the majority of it is probably me imagining things) I feel like my muscles are much stronger than before. Like I could lift people if I wanted to. (But I don't.)

seven - Despite the fact that it's been raining, occasionally blowing gale-winds and at one point today it was snowing, I remain positive about the fact that it's gonna become spring soon. Leather jackets and Converse-weather.

eight - I've started rewatching Firefly and somehow convinced Steve to watch it with me. Another convert to cheesy sci-fi.

nine - This month marks the first month that I have actually started a savings account and put a respectable amount of money into it. Grown-up points. I've also convinced Steve to do the same. Super-grown-up points.

ten - I feel like sleepiness is making my brain a bit mushy so I'm going to make some decaf tea, get into bed and read blogs/books depending on how cultural I feel. I'm living the dream.

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