Tuesday, 4 February 2014

January favourites

Image from my Pinterest.

favourite on tv/movie: I'm finally part of the Breaking Bad-gang. I know, it took me a while and I'm currently only on the second season but I'm just so busy. Also I'm in love with both Walter and Jesse which is kind of weird.

favourite purchase: January was a strictly no-purchases month after the hedonistic event that is known as Christmas... But I did buy the book The Interestings and absolutely loved it.

favourite music: This has been a bad month for music listening but I was reading the lineup for the Download festival and that got me into Arcane Roots which is good and interesting. (Especially the song Resolve.)

favourite food: Oatmeal! How did it take me so long to get into oatmeal? I've been eating it everyday for the past three weeks... About 200 ml oats, 200 ml milk, a tbsp honey and some vanilla essence - mix and leave in the fridge overnight. Serve with cinnamon and a sliced banana. So good.

favourite drink: For Christmas I got a nespresso machine and I'm now a full-on coffee snob. And it's so quick. I've decided to limit myself to one pod a day because otherwise I'm gonna spend (even more of) a fortune on coffee alone.

favourite beauty item: I bought a few things on Boxing day that I like but they just don't beat my Christmas gifts. The UD Naked 3 palette, Soap & Glory Hand Food and the RT stipple brush in particular.

favourite blog: I am loving Vivatramp at the moment, in particular since I've decided to focus more on books this year and it seems to be her area of expertise. Her book-taste is brilliant and I have a frighteningly long book wish-list because of her.

favourite event: I started my PhD! I'm four weeks in and it's hard work but also amazing and fun if you're a little bit research-obsessed. Luckily I am. (Four weeks in is 1/36 done. Let's all panic.)

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