Thursday, 13 February 2014

Reading Vicious

Today on the train home I finished Vicious by Victoria Schwab and I was so sad to see it end. That could be the end of the review, because that's really all you need to know. Vicious is set in the city Merit where two geniuses slash college roommates, Victor and Eli, get a bit too invested in an originally theoretic piece of coursework and end up creating supernatural abilities. Through a tragic series of events Victor goes to jail for ten years which is plenty of time for him to plot his revenge against Eli... It is a strange story which makes it difficult to describe and I'd hate to give anything away. Suffice to say, things get exciting.

Vicious has an unpromising title, that is one of its few downsides. Luckily the story is so much more. I loved the world of EOs with everyone having unique super abilities that somehow corresponded ever so slightly to their personalities. I also loved the characters and that the reader is constantly left with an uncomfortable feeling of "who's really the good guy here?". At one point Mitch (a favourite character) says "There are no good men in this game" and Mitch, you are so right. Nobody is 'good', everyone has their own agenda. Which makes it so much more interesting. It's not a book that will win nobel prizes but I liked the writing style, the story was exciting and I was left wanting more. That is an order, write more books Victoria.

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