Sunday, 2 February 2014

Week 5 - It's finally February

I feel like the entire internet has breathed a deep sigh of relief. To be honest I wouldn't even consider this January being that bad if it wasn't for my constant sickness, the sorry state of my bank account and the fact that it's freezing outside yet it's not cozy. The weather here has been unusually abysmal as well. And my bank account is still crying because I got a smaller sum of pay from my previous job, went crazy and stocked up on coffee, tea and books (the essentials)... And then I found out that there was an issue with my proper pay. It's delayed and they can't tell me for how long. Isn't that everyone's dream? Over the weekend me and Steve went to Blue Chicago in Lisburn to celebrate that one of us got paid at least but they don't take reservations. We ended up queueing for an hour. I'm sure that's normal in a big city but I don't think it has ever happened to me in Northern Ireland. Luckily my love for their chocolate milkshakes just outweighs any waiting that we have to do.

I finally resumed my exercising schedule once my cold had disappeared but the fact that I missed out on exercising for a week really bothers me. The rest of my January goals went pretty well; we barely spent any money on food at all (partly thanks to Steve's parents who suddenly started inviting us over for dinner a lot more frequently the last few weeks), I've been using a body and hand (and sometimes foot!) moisturiser at least once every day and I've been very vigilant with my blogging. I think I deserve an applause. Or a nude blazer from asos as soon as I get paid. Water intake has been going well (apart from during weekends when I forget about drinking anything at all) and I've read five books out of 52. I'm so happy it's February now!

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