Sunday, 9 February 2014

Week 6 - work hard etc

All images are from my Instagram.

This week was incredibly busy at work/in the office. (I know that in the first picture I'm lazying about on my couch but that is because of my apparent 'work hard play hard' motto.) After that type of week I should have just closed the blinds and spent my entire weekend hibernating underneath my duvet. Pinterest-ing and reading books. Of course that didn't happen and instead I went out for double birthday celebrations for two friends yesterday (in which I had way too much fun) and then for dinner at The Pheasant today. I do love going out for dinner but I wasn't that impressed by this restaurant which made us wait for a over an hour before we even got our drinks and then served just "alright" food. Not cool. Because of the slow service we were only home after four hours and I just couldn't be bothered doing the stuff that I should have - cleaning and making lunch for work etc.

Good news is that I did get paid last week which enabled me to get a haircut, new foundation (the L'Oreal True Match Foundation - oh my goodness) and a pair of paisley patterned trousers from Mango. Unfortunately the shopping-shaped hole in my heart seems bottomless, I just keep wanting more. I'm currently looking at a dress that would be perfect for next week's symphony concert in London... I managed to exercise three times (my abs are crying for mercy today) and I've eaten salad for lunch every single day this week. My idea of a good salad doesn't necessarily mean it's healthy but seriously, who can say no to sprinkling as much feta cheese as humanly possible over every meal?

P.S. London next weekend!!!

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