Monday, 24 February 2014

Week 8 - family visiting

All images are from my Instagram. Apart from one which I stole from my mom.

Did you know that it is absolutely impossible to blog when there's people around and you somehow have to squeeze in work/university obligations? I know this now. Not that I would have wanted to blog when my mom and my little brother visited anyway. I barely want to blog now, it's Monday evening and I've almost fallen asleep several times already. So I just thought I'd share a few highlights:

- Eating breakfast for hours together.

- Listening to my brother talk about girls.

- Getting my family obsessed with Modern Family.

- Sharing red wine with someone.

- Deciding to sleep on the couch so that me and my brother can talk about deep stuff. And then promptly fall asleep as soon as I lie down.

- Going out for Italian dinner with Steves family.

- Random kitchen dancing.

- Watching American Horror Stories with mom and Elias and then having to explain to mom what a 'gimp' is.

- Hunting through the home section of TK Maxx. (And then being bought a present for no reason at all.)

- Watching my mom play QWOP. Seriously, the game in itself is hilarious to look at but my mom somehow makes it even more so. If you have a parent nearby, do introduce them to QWOP.

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