Monday, 17 March 2014

10 reasons to smile 22.0

It's Monday night, I'm hormonal, sick of eating healthy food and devouring clothes online that I can't afford with my eyes at a speed worthy a marathon-runner. I need one of these happy posts.

Image from my Pinterest.

one - I get paid in a week and one day. If that isn't a reason to celebrate I don't know what is.

two - Today is St Patrick's Day so I was off (yay!) A nice little consequence from having a Monday off is that suddenly your work week is only four days long (yay!)

three - Despite the fact that I'm sick of healthy eating at this particular moment, it's not actually that bad. I've got grapes at home and who wouldn't be thrilled with the prospect of snacking on grapes all day at work?

four - Tomorrow I'm in the company office and they have free coffee & fruit. TREATS.

five - Me and Steve decided to abandon the festival idea and instead go for a little trip as a birthday present for each other. Possibly Vienna, which would be amazing. (Oh we're so cultural)

six - It's getting warmer, I'm sure.

seven - I have decided to grow my hair out again because I'm fickle like that but now I'm actually excited for that weird in-between stage. It'll be different at least!

eight - It's Monday and I have already done my first workout of the week. Determination.

nine - I bought the Revlon matte balm in Elusive the other day and it is soo pretty. New favourite. Maybe.

ten - I thought of nine happy things and it wasn't even that difficult! I must not be as down as I thought I was. Last happy thing - I bought tulips today and I have decided that I want to become a crazy tulip lady. My life will be complete.

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