Tuesday, 11 March 2014

A natural-spring-ish Etsy wishlist #3

I bet you're all shocked as this is not a geometric Etsy wish-list. (Okay, so three out of four items would've managed to fit in just fine into a geometric wishlist but that is not the point. Just back off, alright.) Instead I decided to go for the woody-themed ways because it's a new love of mine. Plus it's so fitting for spring, don't you agree? When spring comes around I just want to incorporate all these different elements of nature without actually having to go outdoors. Because it's cold and stuff. And the soft colours just make me swoon. I'm not difficult to seduce.

1. Wooden candle holders from FactoryTwentyOne. This is by far the most expensive item on the list but you get three (!) items for the price so it's really not that bad. Black candles look tres chic (am I french now?) but you could also keep it fresh with pastel or neon.

2. Surely you need these wooden coasters from TreeAndLaser? I have an everlasting love for coasters anyway but these are extra attractive due to the combination of classic plus modern touch in form of geometric laser engraving. 

3. Depeapa makes lovely necklaces and I am extra fond of this one. Appropriately, the description of it says nature inspired it and I'm just all over the marble-look etc. If I owned this necklace I would wear it with a white t-shirt/other simplistic clothing venture. 

4. You'd think that wooden spoons never get exciting but they do. WindandWillowHome dips all types of stuff in paint and it just helps to make spoons look 100 times better. Again, natural material + colour. It just works. 

I feel like this became slightly more wordy than intended but I can't help myself. Check out my Etsy here and join my other two followers.

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