Tuesday, 4 March 2014

February favourites

This picture can be found (and the card can be bought) here. I added it to my Pinterest board because it's so cute.

favourite on tv/movie: February marked the return (for me) to Modern Family after introducing it to my mother. We're all either Mitchell and Cam, aren't we? 

favourite purchase: I bought lots of good books (see below) and a bit of makeup the last few days but what I've really been loving is this black leather dress from Asos. Don't let "black leather dress" fool you, this is so classy yet sexy. A fine line to walk, any girl will tell you. 

favourite book: Welcome new category! With all my book-reading I thought this was a necessary addition. I really loved both Vicious and The Shock of the Fall this month.

favourite music: I'm hooked on Death Cab for Cutie again. Music peaked around 2005 and it'll never get that good again. 

favourite food: I've been dining at several restaurants this past month (Prezzo twice, Wagamama's, Uluru, The Pheasant, Blue Chicago) and yet I think I need to mention my mom's chicken casserole. I don't know if it's just nice food plus all the nostalgia and my emotional heart but I think this casserole should be served at a restaurant. She should be making millions of it.

favourite drink: At the start of the month I bought lots of new tea from Teapigs and Super Fruit has a special place in my heart. I drink it with a tiny bit of honey and no milk at night before I go to bed and I imagine that somehow it heals my insides overnight. 

favourite beauty item: Without doubt, the winner is Nars creamy concealer despite the fact that it only showed up two days before March. (But a special mention goes to the Bodyshop bronzer and the Soap & Glory mutherpucker lipgloss in Bashful. I have no shame when it comes to makeup.)

favourite blog: I have an addiction to Yesterday's Sweetheart, a blog which I only found a few days ago. This girl has the style that I've always wanted yet consistently fall short of. New life goal - to look like this pretty girl at all times.

favourite event: You may have heard that I went to London? I'm a little bit London-smitten now.

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