Thursday, 20 March 2014

Reading Before I Go To Sleep and Into The Darkest Corner

Before we start I'd just like to clarify that I read both of these books shortly after reading about them on this (amazing beauty) blog. I was in the mood for something like a thriller and I certainly got what I wanted.

(Apparently Before I Go To Sleep is a movie with Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth now)

Before I Go To Sleep
Written by S.J. Watson, this is a story about Christine who suffers from a rare type of amnesia which causes her to not remember any of her adult life - but she is also unable to form new memories. She can retain information throughout a day but as soon as she goes to sleep she forgets everything. Each morning she wakes up not recognising her husband or her home and she has to rely on him to tell her who she is and what her life is like. Until she starts keeping a secret journal...

I'm very ambivalent towards this book. Throughout most of it I was definitely hooked but it did have moments where I was just starting to get plain bored of Christine either doubting or unconditionally loving her husband/her doctor/her best friend. For the most part it's pretty exciting anyway and it's a fascinating idea behind a story. A good read if you just want something light but suspenseful.

Into The Darkest Corner
By Elizabeth Haynes. We get to follow Catherine during two different times in her life - as a carefree young party girl who falls head over heels for the good-looking and charismatic Lee when he shows up in her life - and three years later, suffering from severe OCD and PTSD, desperately trying to forget what happened to her. Unfortunately forgetting her past may be more difficult than she thinks when it starts to catch up with her. (Sinister music.)

Right, so the summary of this book does not make it justice (certainly not when I write about it in my own cheesy way) but it is actually so good. I have never suffered from OCD but I've read other reviews which praised its description of the disorder and I can imagine that it's quite accurate. It's also interesting to read about how you can find yourself in an abusive relationship and not realise until it's too late. This book should come with a warning as it has scenes in it which are fairly brutal, to the point where I had to look away because the descriptions were too gory. PG15, no doubt about it. It really is a page-turner though.

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