Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Spring lip products

The title really should be "Spring lip products recommended by someone who has no idea what she's talking about" but it wasn't catchy enough. I just can't leave certain subjects alone for the pros to talk about, I have to have an opinion. Also lipstick/gloss looks really gross when it's all up in your face (on camera). Disregard the grossness please. Anyway, I have been wearing these four products a lot lately.

First out is 17 lipstick in the shade Beehive which I actually bought last year and mentioned in this post. This is the most subtle product ever but it's so handy for making you look just slightly more polished (plus it's so subtle that half off it can rub off and no one will ever notice). 

Later last year I bought the Revlon Colourburst lip butter in the shade Wild Watermelon and this was probably my most used product all spring/summer. Most of the lip butters are sheer but you get a very opaque colour with this one. Although it looks very red in the tube there is a lot of pink when it's on my lips anyway.

Revlon lip butter, Maybelline gloss, Soap & Glory gloss stick and 17 lipstick.

Time for my more recent purchases! This is my second gloss stick from Soap & Glory and this is in the shade Bashful, a lovely light pink. I wear this to work, for hot dates (yeah, me and Steve go on hot dates once in a while), for going out... It's just so versatile. And perfect for spring if we're all about falling into the seasonal colour clichés. (Which we obviously are.)

Finally, that same day I also purchased one of the new Maybelline Sensational lip glosses in the colour Glorious Grapefruit because I wanted something not pink for once. Unfortunately everything shows up pink on me (although it's still pretty) but it has a nice consistency and I just think this would look amazing on someone with slightly lighter natural lips.

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