Sunday, 9 March 2014

Week 10 - birthday and fitness season

Images not from my Instagram, just from my iPhone. 

So the first big news is that I didn't post a single photo on Instagram this week. Not a single one. What has happened to me? (I'll tell you what happened - work and doing nothing exciting during daylight.) Those were actually the only news. These are the two pictures I took this week (plus one of my dinner so I could show my mom) of my new dress which I looove and the book I finished this week and also loooved. (I'm almost done with the one I started last night, so good!) I didn't go out last night because we have to go out the next two weekends this month and I'm a bit too desperate to get out of the house now. I've planned my outfits and everything, how sad. 

 We're in the midst of birthday season. I call it birthday season because somehow five of Steve's nieces and nephews plus two of his sister and himself all manage to have birthdays within five months. And then I finish it off nicely in June. I quite like giving gifts and receiving cake in exchange so that's all good. Saying that, next week me and Steve will start eating healthily. I've prepared by not buying anything unhealthy and hopefully that will solve any issues of temptation. On top of that I think I'm going to increase my working out to four times a week (cardio twice and strength twice). End of weekly summary. 

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