Sunday, 16 March 2014

Week 11 - a vaguely healthy week

All images are from my Instagram.

It's spring! It's kind of spring. Have I not started three blog posts already with these words only to find that it snowed the week after? But now I think it might be here for real. (In England it's friggin' summer so it better be spring in Northern Ireland.) The foggy day pictured above was hopefully the last cold day here. Yesterday I bought a new necklace (and rings and lipstick) and today I went out for coffee with Steve's sisters since there was a birthday to celebrate. Nothing exciting has happened during the week. I'm very busy with my PhD at the moment and so if I miss one or two blog posts I do apologise to my three faithful readers. However, tomorrow I am off! It's St Patrick's Day so my plan is to do a little bit of work at home, go out for lunch with friends and then relax as you should on a fake-Sunday.

Healthy eating has gone alright and I worked out four times this week. FOUR. I did two (fairly light) cardio sessions and two strength sessions. I'm pleased with my exercise but I could definitely do better on the healthy eating side. I had to (had to I tell you) get burrito, which is positively death for your body, for lunch with the others in my office, since I had suggested it the week before. Clearly not knowing that they would want to go the week that I pick to start being healthy. In general, going out for lunch this week has been bad because even salads tend to have dressings and mayonnaise and other heavenly things that make vegetables taste good. What can you do, right? I'll just be better this week. (Once I have my lunch out tomorrow over and done with of course...)

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