Sunday, 30 March 2014

Week 13 - mother's day

All images from my Instagram. 

Such a long week. So much work. No energy left for typing.

It wasn't that bad, really. I was doing work all Monday night, a little on Tuesday too, on Wednesday me and Steve went and saw Captain America and then we went out for dinner, on Thursday my friend came over for tea and cake (emphasis on the cake ohsogood) and on Friday I went for an eye checkup and grocery shopping. Just a lot of stuff going on after the 9-5 work. Yesterday I went to the shopping center with Steve's nieces and spent most of the time waiting outside fitting rooms because apparently 9-11 year old girls are just as indecisive as adults are. Today was Mother's Day in the UK and so we went for dinner with all of Steve's family - sisters, nieces, nephews etc. And to top it off we then watched a couple of the kids for a few hours afterwards. I have supervised a baking session involving about a million cookies for no other reason than to keep them busy. Health-wise I've kept up with my four workouts (2x cardio, 2x strength) but we've just been out a bit too much. We'll do better next week.

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