Sunday, 2 March 2014

Week 9 - welcoming so-called spring and routine

All images are from my Instagram.

It's March! February flew by so quickly (as expected, I had a lot of stuff planned) and it doesn't really feel like March. I remember sunbathing in March last year. Where's all that in 2014? This sunshine everyone keeps talking about but we never actually see better show up sometime soon. Mom and Elias left this Monday and I feel like these three pictures really sums up what the rest of the week was all about; indulgence. Lighting candles, reading magazines, reading books, eating food. I didn't even exercise because my shins are really sore and I decided that they needed a break (rather than just keep on going until they get seriously damaged).

Speaking of indulgence, I went out for dinner with a friend on Thursday at Wagamama's. Can we talk about how good their food is? And that maybe we all get sore hands from using chopsticks but none of us admit it? (And obviously we soldier on through the meal, refusing to put them down.) I bought a few small things and also something amazing by which I obviously mean the Nars creamy concealer. We actually made it a joint purchase and then we scraped half of it in a sample pot. Shared custody concealer is the new thing. On Saturday I made these amazing bacon and eggs baskets which were so good. (I may have made them today again because I have no self-control.) I went to TK Maxx and picked up a lamp plus two candles. Not quite the shopping spree I originally planned but that's probably for the best. In the evening me and Steve went out for dinner. What's up with all these dinners that I go to? It's like I'm an adult now.

P.S. I started watching True Detective and what is going on, it's so good?!

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