Tuesday, 15 April 2014

10 reasons to smile 23.0

Image from my Pinterest.

one - It is a four day week because on Friday it's Good Friday. Four day weeks are the thing that gets me through five day weeks.

two - I gave blood yesterday and I did not faint! It might not seem like a big deal (it does however seem like I just mentioned this to brag about my good deed but I swear that is not the case) but I get lightheaded after scraping my knees. Sidenote; I refused to actually look at the blood.

three - Tonight I did exercise despite being 99% certain that I was too tired for it. Lifetime achievement. (Full disclosure - I have been exhausted since Saturday night so it's no doubt my own fault).

four - On Sunday I ordered the last few David Mitchell (not the comedian) books that I didn't already have in physical form (as opposed to e-book). Material happiness <3

five - Tomorrow Don Draper returns to my life.

six - I have figured out what to get Steve for his 25th birthday and as the control freak I am I enjoy planning more than the actual giving the present. (More than he will enjoy receiving the present probably.)

seven - Just to prove that I am as predictable as you could get - I can't believe it's mid-April?! And I can't wait for summer despite the fact that the chances our summer is as summery as last year's are minimal.

eight - I managed to get back into reading Game of Thrones. And... I think I Get It. At the start I was like "right it's cold, just get over it" but now I've found myself getting into it more. (By the way, last night's episode?! Dad, when you read this text me so we can discuss this thoroughly.)

nine - When my family was over I decided to grow my hair out again. I'm now at the 9 week mark (so not very far at all) which is three weeks past my usual hair cutting appointment and suddenly it looks good again? I'm just going to enjoy this weird over-grown stage for as long as it lasts. Which is probably another two days and then I'll go back to looking like a freak.

ten - Secret happy stuff! Kind of.

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