Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Five everyday makeup products

A post about makeup!

Lets first of all applaud the "bloom" effect which I use to death on all my photos. The photos used to be just grainy. Now they're grainy and bright!

In the interest of writing about things that interest me (that's a tongue-twister) I felt like a post about makeup was necessary. Because recently I have become more appreciative of a makeup routine that allows me an extra five minutes in bed. Or an extra five minutes eating my breakfast (the forever battle between food and sleep you know). Plus it's spring and we all want that natural appearance. And I find that these are five products that I constantly want to use.

After moisturising I start by strategically placing the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer under my eyes, in the creases around my nose and then a little bit on my jawline. All of the areas where my skin turns a weird red or blue/purple colour. I blend everything and also move a little of the concealer under my eyes to my eyelids as well. Just enough to make them appear slightly more nude coloured. I then place the Rimmel blush in Santa Rose on my cheekbones. This stuff is magic. I bought it last year and I have been more loyal to this blush than anything else in my makeup bag. Lastly I draw (yes, draw) lines down my cheekbones, my nose, cupid's bow and chin with the No7 Instant Radiance Highlighter and blend. Face done.

I then use my Soap & Glory Thick & Fast mascara which I love. Unfortunately it's not waterproof which means that I only use it if it's not raining heavily (which is about half of the time). At this point I could be done or if I feel a little fancy I'll put on eyeliner (but it makes this routine twice as long). I've recently fallen back in love with eyeliner and cat flicks, especially if the rest of your makeup is very simple. Although a felt tip liner is much easier to apply, this Rimmel Glam' Eyes liquid liner stays put for so much longer. A necessity when you're out of the house for ten or eleven hours a day. A bit of lip balm, a cup of coffee and you're no longer the office zombie!

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