Sunday, 13 April 2014

Week 15 - a week in which I did nothing but eat

"Food and selfies" is what I thought when I looked through this week's Instagram photos. Which is fairly representative of my life, I'm sad to say. I'm gonna warn you right now; this week has been heavy on the eating. I've been eating out a lot and I'm gonna list everything for no reason at all.

On Monday I was at the office, Tuesday I had some training at uni (training for my upcoming assisting with undergrad classes - panic will ensue no doubt) and then lunch with a friend (panini with sweet chilli chicken) and in the evening I went to the cinema with Steve and his sisters to see Divergent. It's like a poor man's Hunger Games, warning you right now. On Wednesday I did transcribing and same on Thursday but on Thursday I also received two packages; sale purchases from Topshop (whoops but they're so good) and a little surprise package from my mom! A card, Swedish chocolate and gift tags from Tiger. It's all I've ever wanted.

On Friday I was in the office followed by dinner with my fellow students (we shared chicken wings, buttermilk chicken and peppered chicken plus about a million sides) and then we went to a pub quiz. Which we didn't win but it was still fun and for once I felt like I contributed more than once. Possibly three times. Yesterday me and Steve went for lunch and I had pulled pork in a bun with coleslaw because I would sell my soul for coleslaw. And I got chocolate flavoured instant coffee from Little's which I have wanted to try for ages! (Spoiler; it's good.) In the evening we went to a house party which did not end very early at all. In other words, I have spent my entire Sunday on the couch. I also finished the first season of True Detective and the ending was absolutely brilliant. Part of me is pleased that the next series is stand-alone (because how could they ever live up to this one?) but part of me wants to cry because I will never see moody Rust again. Oh the heartache.

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