Monday, 21 April 2014

Week 16 - easter

Uuuuh I have eaten SO much this week. (Last week actually, because I'm a day late with my Sunday update. I'm just surprised neither of my parents have called to check if I'm alive. Actually, I'm a little bit offended they haven't?! Just a side note.) This healthy eating has gone completely out the window the past few weeks BUT I actually feel ready to throw out all the sweets. I can't handle more cake and chocolate.

So my workweek would have been like any other week if it wasn't for the fact that I only had to work four days before getting off for Easter. I celebrated on Thursday by eating burritos and seeing The Double (which is a strange strange movie) with the other students in my office. On Friday morning Steve had a doctor's appointment and I ran into the drugstore to get a new nail polish. I'm on the hunt for a nice mint colour and I thought the Barry M's new Sugar Apple would be the one but... Alas, no. (?) It's too vivid, I want something paler. We also got our groceries and I got an Easter egg plus tulips. That Steve knows how I want to spend my Easter. The other day I got feathers and I tried fastening them on some branches to make an Easter tree but I failed miserably.

We have had quite nice weather all weekend so I've spent most of it in the garden. If we had a BBQ grill we would've done some BBQing but instead we had pizza on Saturday. Flawless logic, right there. I bought three of David Mitchell's books (which I already have as e-books) the other day and so I've now started re-reading Number9dream, which happens to be my favourite. Speaking of books, I'm nearly done with the first Game of Thrones book. Exciting stuff. Yesterday we went to see The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and it was one of the best superhero movies I have seen in a while. Of all the superheroes I have always been extra fond of Spiderman and I also feel like Emma Stone can do no wrong. Especially not teamed up with whoever is in charge of her wardrobe in that movie.

Last but not least; I ordered tickets to go to Sweden in May. It wasn't so much a choice as a necessity as I realised that my passport expires in May. I now have to go to Sweden, apply for a new passport and wait there until my new passport arrives. It isn't particularly good timing and I'm going to have to work all week while I'm there... But I can't wait to see my family!

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