Sunday, 27 April 2014

Week 17 - easter week off

All images are from my Instagram.

This has been such a good week. Most likely because I was off Monday and Tuesday (during which I did NOTHING) and then I had to work from home the remaining days. Working from home isn't fun in the long run (I get socially deprived and then I go crazy) but it's nice if you only have to do it once in a while. Mainly because you don't have to commute for an hour each morning and you can eat all the time without anyone judging you. On Thursday I had tea and cake company in the evening as well so that helped my deprivation.

I also got my roots bleached. Due to the awkward hair length (it's been three months since I cut it, THREE MONTHS) my hair still looks crazy but at least I'm doing what I can. Afterwards I may have fallen right into Topshop and just at the entrance I found the shorts in my dreams. I have seriously been lusting after a pair of fancier shorts in a silky fabric since last year but until now I've had no such luck. In other words, I couldn't pass them up, there was just no way. I also bought one of the Topshop cream blushes in Head Over Heels and it was a good purchase. A perfect coral shade which can be used subtly or more "my cheeks are neon", if you fancy it.

It's been good weather too (again, another sign that the shorts were necessary) and yesterday me and Steve drove up to Portrush to stay at a friend's summer house. We had a BBQ, played games and tumbled into bed around 3am. The day after we have a tradition of the host cooking everyone a giant fry while the rest of us drink tea. It tends to last for hours, that morning routine. Which is in no way a bad thing. Me and Steve got back this afternoon and now I'm listening to music, reading blogs and preparing for assisting in tutorials the following week. Next week will fly by, no doubt about it.

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