Tuesday, 13 May 2014

10 reasons to smile 24.0

It is Tuesday night (you know how I feel about Tuesday nights), I have an inflammation because of my wisdom tooth and there are deadlines all over me for the next seven days. You better believe I need one of these happy-posts.

Image from my Pinterest.

one - I'm in the university office tomorrow and because of a weird schedule I haven't been there for nearly two weeks. I'm actually looking forward to getting in early. Well actually no, not early. That was a lie.

two - My hair is growing! It's not long yet. (I don't know how I could expect it to be long after three months but somehow in my hair-growing-decision-making-madness that was my expectation.) But I can tuck it behind my ears and I kind of look like my mom in the late 90s.

three - In eight days I'm going to Sweden and I'm staying for ten whole days. I haven't been in Sweden for more than four days at a time for two years now. Planning to OD on time with family&friends.

four - The other day I was reading about some research in my research area and I thought "Hey, I already know this". It was amazing. Is this the enlightened moment everyone waits for in their higher level education?

five - I'm eating ice cream.

six - I'm so excited about summer. I'm not going on a summer holiday or anything but I'm just so flippin' excited about the prospect of having a little bit of spare cash this summer, for the first time in a very long time. Hello summer clothes.

seven - I have lots of good books to read, actual physical books. How quaint!

eight - In less than four weeks it's my birthday. I realise that I'm an adult (I'm turning 24, how did that even happen) but I still get excited for birthdays. Breakfast in bed + presents. That's the list of all my favourite things.

nine - In general I go to sleep much earlier than Steve on weekdays (because I need seven hours of sleep and he functions on about three) but lately he's been coming to bed a bit earlier and then we lie and watch stuff on the laptop together. If you're not rolling your eyes at this point, I have most definitely failed.

ten - After this weekend (during which I'm just going to do work) I have a weekend in Sweden, a weekend coming back and celebrating a friend's birthday and then a weekend with my birthday. Triple-festive-weekend-bonanza. Plus every one of those weekends is followed by a Monday with a new episode of Game of Thrones. There's just too much excitement to handle, right there.

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