Tuesday, 20 May 2014

I feel the need, the need for organisation

... Is not what Tom Cruise said. But he probably should have. I rewatched Top Gun a while ago and was reminded of just how ridiculous that movie is. This has nothing to do with organisation. Lately I've wanted to buy lots of stuff to organise myself. I realise that I could probably do that without new stuff but you know. It helps.

1. First up, I'd love a simple gray wire basket to use to store bath towels in. You'd think wire baskets wouldn't be an issue to find at all. But it is. The universe is against me getting a wire basket.

2. In the bathroom I also want acrylic storage for my makeup. Every beauty blogger worth their name has this. For some reason I believe that if I get this I'll magically be able to contour and keep concealer from sliding off my face. Right?

3. In the kitchen I want this glass notice board. No explanation required.

4. Previous things have been more or less affordable. Unfortunately the Vitra Utensilo is not affordable. At. All. Not for me anyway.

5. Another wire basket! I have no imagination. But this is pink, and I'd keep it in the front room to store all those blankets that I have randomly strewn around the room. (I wish.)

6. Lastly, not so fun and not so pretty but oh so functional. I genuinely really want a filing cabinet because at the moment our office is more of a gaming room for Steve. Operation Take Back Office.

All of this is on my birthday wish-list. Go go.

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