Thursday, 15 May 2014

Reading A Clash of Kings

Screenshot of our favourite Tyrion found here.

I just finished A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin and I'm pumped. You may remember that it took me a while to get into A Game of Thrones because I already followed the TV-show religiously over the past few year, making it difficult for me to return to the first book. Well, my sloth-like reading through-out the first book was made up for by the fact that I could not put this book down. I actually planned to read a different book before starting on this one but no, that did not work at all. Halfway through the other book I tossed it over my shoulder, reached for A Clash of Kings and shouted "For Winterfell!". Well, almost.

This is a second book and yet it holds itself so well, in my opinion. After the first book left things in a pretty dismal state (and trust me, sunshine is not going to appear anytime soon) our characters are scattered throughout the realm and we follow their stories separately. Any book with this type of narrative risks distancing the characters from the readers, yet A Clash of Kings skillfully steers us from story to story and I feel just as invested in all of them. The web of intrigues that was spun in the first book has become even more complex, revealing subtle nuances and fine details that are impossible to fit into a TV show. (Oh, this is why we all heart books.) Despite knowing the story I was at the edge of my seat. Who should rule Westeros? Is the rightful heir truly the right man for the job? When will Joffrey become less of a psychopath?

My biggest sorrow now is that I have promised Steve to not read ahead of the television series and GoT is only halfway through the third book! In other words - what is the best way to secretly read a book when you live with someone?

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