Thursday, 8 May 2014

Three things I'm loving

Sometimes I like to just sit and scroll through all the images on Pinterest on my own Pinterest board. It's like the ultimate Pinterest feed. Obviously I pinned them in the first place, therefore I love them. It's not particularly exciting though, I'll give you that. It is good for realising the patterns in what you like. Check out your own boards, take a step back and notice the patterns. (This is also good if you're decorating a new house but you're completely overwhelmed with what you want to do.)

This geometric, himmeli-style air planters. I don't know what they're actually called but I want one so badly. Do you even realise how good this would look in the corner of one of my room? So good. Plus, apparently air planters are the latest craze and they're not that difficult to take care of which is perfect for me since I am known to kill every plant I own. (Apart from my cacti <3)

Everything that's blue. Blue, you're so back in favour. Blue hallway walls, you're loved again. Despite the fact that you're not quite the right shade. I'm so sorry for threatening to paint you pink. 

Morrocan style rugs. This is not new - I have harboured a fierce want for these rugs for a very long time now and I just cannot accept the fact that I will never ever afford one. I can't even afford a rug from Tesco, nevermind these beauties.

P.S. Look at my Pinterest.

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