Sunday, 4 May 2014

Week 18 - Steve turned twenty-five

I have no idea how I'm still awake because my body is telling me that I need to sleep. This was a good week! Kind of. The good thing is that I was helping out in the practical classes for the psychology undergraduates and it was just so much fun. All those teacher dreams coming true. What's not so good is that ever since Sunday I've been ridiculously tired (with random bouts of feeling seriously ill) and because of this I only exercised twice. (I'm telling myself that once in a while the body needs a break.) Other than that I went to see a friend's new house, I bought a couple of birthday presents for Steve and that is basically it.

I also made the traditional peanut butter cake because today is Steve's 25th birthday and yesterday we had a birthday party for him. People arrived at 9pm and the last guests left today at noon. It was a long night. I got Steve a new pair of headset (standard gift that he gets from me every few years - would you stop sitting on them?), a new computer chair and a couple of t-shirts. There's also a sum of money put away because we want to take a little weekend trip somewhere after the money, so part of his present is that. The best present he got however was a BBQ grill from Bodum, the cone-shaped type and I love it. This is the no 1 reason to live together.

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