Sunday, 11 May 2014

Week 19 - office life

"Office life" is really code for "no instagram pictures". All of this week I was in the officey-office rather than in my university office, which means I get home slightly later. A lot of this week was really about getting back into a routine; exercising the full four times (!), making lunches (because I always want to cheat one of the days and buy chips), making sure that there's clean and tidy-looking officewear etc etc. Technically, I wasn't in the office the entire week. Monday was a bank holiday and me and Steve went bowling with some friends. I was crowned the world's most inconsistent bowler after getting a bunch of strikes and being way ahead of everyone else... to getting really tired in my arms and scoring 1s or 0s for the rest of the game. Way to go, Nicole.

This weekend was nice and quiet. I had work to do (although I didn't do nearly as much as planned) so we stayed in for the most part. On Saturday we ran a few errands and then we went for breakfast at a tiny local bakery. In the evening we got an Indian takeaway and then we watched Eurovision Song Contest and finished off by building Steve's new BBQ grill. You know, the usual appropriate stuff to do around midnight. Today we went for dinner at Steve's parents' house and the rest of the day I've been moaning about my wisdom tooth. It's been laying dormant for a while now but today it woke up and decided to attempt killing me. In other words, I've spent most of the day in bed (I even took a nap which hasn't happened in a long time) reading and requesting ice cream. Clearly the cure for wisdom tooth inflammation.

P.S. I feel ready for Monday. Monday means one day less until I go to Sweden!

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