Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Week 20 - drowing in work

This is possibly the ugliest picture ever, but this is the reason for why I'm writing my weekly update on a Wednesday. (Usually, if I haven't written about my week by Wednesday, I don't even bother.) I have had so much work to do over the past week, several deadlines happening within a few days of each other on top of my usual 9-5. I just sent off my last email. The relief is... overwhelming. So that is all I really wanted to say because although I have written a couple of blog posts that should be showing up at random times, I won't be uploading a weekly update on Sunday. Because... SWEDEN is happening.

I'm in bed, watching youtube videos as I'm typing this. In a moment I'm going to do exercise, shower and then gather the makeup and skincare items that I won't survive without. That is the nice thing about travelling in the afternoon, there is so little stress involved.

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