Tuesday, 3 June 2014

May favourites

Image found here. There is no logic behind why I chose it.

favourite on tv/movie: Well, Game of Thrones is still on TV and there is truly nothing better in this world (nothing!) but for the sake of variation I have to mention that 24 is back. And it is good. When I was in Sweden I also watched a movie called Incendies which I highly recommend. It's quite heartbreaking though.

favourite purchase: My Topshop silky shorts! I may have bought them at the very very start of the month (or maybe even at the end of April) but I have been wearing them far too much.

favourite book: The perks of being a wallflower by Stephen Chbosky, there's no doubt about it. Best book of 2014 so far in fact. Keep your eyes open for a little post about it later this week.

favourite music: The "April 2014" has been a firm favourite this month as well, but now I'm obsessed with The Neighbourhood - Sweater Weather (aah, rainy summer days) and also Route 94 - My Love (I have no explanation for this). Luckily for me and anyone who happens to share a house with me I'll start switching up my music choices for June.

favourite food: You know what the best type of food is? Unhealthy salad. When I was in Sweden my mom introduced me to the salad bar (basically lots of different types of salads that you put in a box, working on the same premises as Pic N' Mix - genius) and there is just nothing better than when someone who is actually good at salad has made you your salad. Who knows what dressing they were drenched in.

favourite beauty item: I bought a Mac lipstick in See Sheer at the airport and I am obsessed. So perfectly naturally red.

favourite blog: Due to work and then travelling I really haven't been able to keep up with blogs this month. Who knew I'd ever be too busy for blogs?!

favourite event: I enjoyed celebrating Steve's birthday but I have to say my ten day trip to Sweden tops it all. Sun, family, friends, all the usual holiday stuff.

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