Sunday, 1 June 2014

Week 21 & 22 - sweden

All images from my Instagram. P.S. The one of my brother may be one of my favourite uploads ever. 

So I've spent the last ten days in Sweden and I only arrived home yesterday (when I promptly went out for food with Steve and then took a long nap before going out for the night). It was a trip during which I had to do work but somehow it still managed to snatch the award for best Sweden trip ever. The weather was glorious, I saw my friends (most of them for the first time in two years!) and met some significant others too, I had plenty of time with my family watching movies or basking in the sun... Summer in Sweden is something totally different to my current life, although obviously a holiday somewhere is never the same as actually living there. Still, I was sad to leave yesterday morning.

I am looking forward to going back to an actual office tomorrow. And to get back into my regular eating habits because my stomach was not pleased with the food lately (so. much. bread.) as well as regular exercising. My muscles are fading! (And I bought my first crop top for the summer.) Game of Thrones is still on TV, I have books to read and I received a few birthday presents from my parents that need to be incorporated in my home environment stat. Plus my actual birthday is coming up! So all in all, it's not too bad to be home.

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