Sunday, 15 June 2014

Week 23 & 24 - birthday and lego

(It's been about two weeks and I've taken these three photos. It's like I've realised that I'm just not that great at taking photos and that even if I was there's not many interesting things happening in my life at the moment.) 

Last Sunday it was my birthday and I spent most of my day in bed, desperately trying to figure out whether it was the cold or the hangover that was killing me. (Not knowing is the worst part.) The night before we went to a houseparty rather than organising a night out for my birthday. It was an excellent decision - no cost on my part nor did I have to worry about who was going or if people were having fun. I just enjoyed spending time with my friends. We didn't even go out for dinner the day of my birthday since I was worried about getting thrown out of the restaurant due to excessive sneezing and instead we stayed at home and watched a movie with take-away. (But the day before we went out for breakfast and on my birthday I did make these amazing bacon-brie-avocado-ciabatta rolls, so it's not like I wasn't living the life of a queen anyway.)

I've been slowly getting back into my routine after the Sweden trip. Eating healthier, regular exercising, writing endless to-do lists for both work and my spare time. Yesterday me and Steve went to Belfast for a Lego exhibition (72 iconic monuments in Lego sounded interesting - it wasn't. Only two of them were detailed enough to be impressive) with some friends followed by dinner at Bubbacue and then we went to the cinema and watched X-Men. Cue me getting back into reading comic books. Everytime I think I'm finally a grown-up I ruin it by spending a day with Lego and comics. Shame on me...

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