Sunday, 22 June 2014

Week 25 - summer exercising and IKEA

All images are from my Instagram.

This has been a very nice and comfortable week. Not a very exciting week perhaps, but then I am partial to weeks where nothing out of the ordinary happens anyway. I felt like I was productive at work (apart from Friday when me and Steve both took a half day and left the office around lunch - genius) and I'm almost looking forward to getting back tomorrow morning. Almost. It's been warm and sunny outside and I've been trying to cram in as much eating outdoors as possible because for some reason eating food outdoors always tastes better.

I've also been focusing a lot on my home. On Thursday I finally (!) got all my Instagram pictures up on the wall. Although I feel like I might need a few more pictures so that it's not so awkwardly square-like it's still quite an improvement from the empty wall before. Yesterday me and Steve went to IKEA and bought ourselves a little cabinet. I am one of those people who get this weird satisfaction out of having things organised and now all our DVDs, games and CDs (which were previously spilling out from our TV bench and making my eyes twitch) are finally neatly hidden away. Next step: shelves in the little alcove above the cabinet. Oh, the home decor dreams I have...

Exercise has also gone fairly well and it's particularly fun now that I have forced Steve to get involved. Twice this week we did exercise videos and the other nights we've taken a brisk twenty minute walk. Since we both spend 9-5 sitting at a desk a little bit of walking could do a lot of good. This morning I also got up at 9am and went out for a run. First proper run of the season AND my first run in my new shoes. I felt great, then like I wanted to die and then pretty great again. In other words, a standard run. My calves are going to hurt tomorrow...

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