Sunday, 29 June 2014

Week 26 - afternoon tea

All images are from my Instagram.

About a year ago me and my friend went for afternoon tea to celebrate my birthday and because it was such a roaring success (we roared) we decided to repeat it this year + invite a third friend. We went to Maryville House off the Lisburn Road in Belfast and it was just brilliant. The building is decorated in shabby chic and although it is not the style I generally go for I am partial to a giant gold mirror or two... A major plus for the choice in gourmet sandwiches. Well done, Maryville House. We then went to the city centre and the whole day I only bought a Nars concealer (which was a repurchase and frankly, I count it as an essential) despite all the sales. Well done, Nicole. (Or maybe not, because I got paid on Wednesday and within 24 hours I had placed an Asos order, cut my hair and spent waaaay too much in Topshop.)

Healthwise, this week has been pretty good. I've been so busy at work that I haven't even had time for snacking and we've been doing a little bit of abs/arms exercises and walks on our rest-days. Yesterday morning I also went running and I improved my time from last week's run. I'm assuming that my body was put in shock from getting up before 8am on a Saturday and that's how I ran faster. Last week I mentioned my calves hurting and oh my, did they hurt... It wasn't until Thursday that I could walk without my thighs screaming for my life to end. Lesson learned, I rediscovered my old stretching routine (specifically for runners) that I used last year and so far my body feels fine. Knock on wood.

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