Wednesday, 16 July 2014

10 reasons to smile 26.0

I have been absent (from life, in general) the past few days due to a stomach bug which I was pretty sure somehow mutated into a life threatening illness a couple of times. However, I have reached that stage where you're almost certain you can make it into work the day after because honestly, you're bored out of your mind and no illness can keep you at home anymore even if it means half-sleeping at your desk in the office. Cue happy-post.

Image from here. I miss Gilmore Girls.

one - I have basically lived on soup and flat ginger ale the past few days and I can't wait to actually expand my palette to something more adventurous. Like toast.

two - It's also only two more days until weekend which means that even if I'm at home, doing nothing, Steve will be here too!

three - Eight more days until payday <3

four - Last Saturday, before my illness struck, I got inspired and did a massive clear-out among my clothes. A quarter is going into seasonal storage and another two quarters are being donated - leaving me with 38 items of clothings. The thing is - I wasn't even wearing the other three quarters. They were just taking up space. My new motto is to be minimalist with my clothing and buy less items of higher quality.

five - About a week ago I ran at an average pace of 10.02 min/mile. A new record for me this summer. (I can't wait to get back into it).

six - I got my hair trimmed so that it's all more of one length (rather than the mullet I had before!) This is certainly a reason to smile, for me and for everyone who has to see me daily.

seven - I realise that it's summertime and I should be shot for not living in the moment... But my brain is all about fall. I can't wait for my favourite months of the year and will you judge me if I say that I randomly thought of a good christmas present the other day?

eight - ... Saying that, I'm still so very happy about summer and the BBQs, random daytrips and not having to wear socks ever. (Although quite sad that my trip to the coast was cancelled this weekend due to The Illness.)

nine - In less than a month's time me and Steve are taking a week off work and I believe our plans are NONE. Apart from a wedding that we have to attend, we're just going to sleep most of the days and catch up on TV shows.

ten - It's about 9pm and I'm already in bed. I'm living an enviable life.

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