Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Bathroom wishlist

As I am currently in the midst of this capsule wardrobe adventure which inevitably means that I have to ban myself from looking at clothes online otherwise I will succumb to my primal urges and just BUY ALL THE CLOTHES, I have decided to distract myself by looking at other things instead. Like stuff for my house. Which is probably just as dangerous. And although I had decided that I am not allowed to start dreaming about the next room of the house until I am done with the first one (our living room), I can't help myself. Our bathroom looks so sad. It needs a little bit of financial TLC. 

1. This ceramic tray from The White Company (which I just realised is sold out. My life is over) to put a little candle in. And by all means, if you keep spare lavender twigs about, throw them in as well. £14.

2. A concrete planter from Roughfusion on Etsy, with a suitable green plant in it. I never think about putting plants in bathrooms but really, it would look very well I think. £7.26.

3. A makeup bag from Maggs London which is apparently called the Henley bag and it is beautiful. £19.95.

4. A copper storage box for holding jewellery from Rockett St George (an old favourite of mine). My jewellery is currently strewn all over my desk but I never even cared until I laid eyes on this. £16.

5. A clear glass shade from Not on the High Street.com because I need as much light as possible from our lamp but I wouldn't mind it looking slightly prettier than it does right now (just a naked eco friendly light bulb). £29.95.

The total comes to £87.16 and that's pretty much my bathroom transformed. Let's see how much self-control I have... P.S. I have a wish list on my Pinterest.

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