Tuesday, 1 July 2014

June favourites

July's here?! Shockingly unoriginal opening but I am just as fascinated by time passing as everyone else.

Random pictures from June.

favourite on tv/movie: Due to my sudden interest in comics and the fact that there was a new X-men movie coming out, me and Steve went on a little X-men movie spree. Modern Family and Star Trek: Voyager are also highly appreciated at the moment. Please don't judge me.

favourite purchase: I bought new running shoes. Asics, as recommended by all the experts that I personally know (which is only one and happens to be my uncle) and I found a pair that had 40% off. There was no way it wasn't happening.

favourite book: I read The Goldfinch at the start of the month and absolutely loved it. The Virgin Suicides (which I haven't written a review about yet) gets an honourable mention because it would an amazing book if only I hadn't read The Goldfinch only two weeks prior...

favourite music: Over the past week I have gotten obsessed with the album "Low Wishes" by Air Review. Indie pop folk-y type of music. So very perfect for summer.

favourite food: Rediscovering pulled pork.

favourite beauty item: I have been obsessing over the honeycomb bronzer from The Bodyshop over the past month. Mainly because I have realised that fast makeup is the point of summer and bronzer is the answer to that. Bronzer, concealer, mascara. Done.

favourite blog: I love a summery blog in the summertime and my recent favourite is actually a pretty old favourite, Elsa Billgren's blog. It's Swedish and so... Breezy?

favourite event: Me and Steve had a great day out with friends for a Lego exhibition, dinner and then cinema but it is probably topped by my afternoon tea last weekend. A classy day for classy ladies. Err.

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