Thursday, 24 July 2014

Reading Gung Ho!

People, I read a non-fiction book. What? As if that wasn't already totally out of my comfort zone, it's a business book. (I don't even know who I am anymore.)

So, everyone in my office at the company are huge fans of this book. As a very value-driven business (which is nice indeed!) I can now see that the type of book which is all about managing people through self-worth was appealing to them and that's great! Enough about my worklife, I need to try to describe a book about business when I know nothing about business. So the point of this book is to point out the key steps towards having a business where employees thrive and productivity is increased. How nice. The book is written in layers, starting with easy basics such as work being worthwhile (you make a difference in the world!), to allowing employees to set their own goals (you are in charge of this company!) to cheering each other on (you're doing a great job!). The book calls it Gung Ho! I don't know if there is any type of scientific research to back it up but I am sure that it works based on self-efficacy and social support theories etc. 

The values are delivered through native American inspired symbolism, using squirrels and beavers etc. I get it, it makes it easier to remember the actual principles that they are trying to convey. However, the book is written as a supposedly true story about a business ready to fail but it is saved through implementing Gung Ho! and it is so cringeworthy. I couldn't read it without getting the feeling that this was originally a really bad movie script. Woman gets doomed factory, fires racist and stupid department head, befriends man with native American roots, together they watch squirrels in the forest and then implement their findings in the company etc... Read the first chapter and you'll see what I mean. Despite this, the book has good ideas and if every book about business was this easy to read I'd be buying a lot more of them. 

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