Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Summer makeup and six months pixie cut update

Lets ramble about summer makeup and the perils of growing out a pixie cut, shall we? Prepare for a gigantic picture of me.

Disclaimer: I found a "remove mole" tool (yes, that was its actual name because they sure know how to lure moley people in) in the photo editing program I use and I got so excited that I removed two of them straight away. Then I decided to restrain myself. Because it's one thing correcting the colours of your selfportraits and it's a totally different thing to DELETE moles.

So first of all; makeup. It's funny because I had a routine back in April, then it changed entirely and then it slowly and sneakily changed back to the original routine. So basically, my routine is almost the same as previously. In this photo I am wearing the Revlon Nearly Naked foundation but foundation is a rarity for me during the summers. Aint nobody got time for that. For everyday wear I would normally wear Dr Jart BB cream which I have recently fallen back in love with or go straight to my Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. After that I have included a new step: bronzer. The Bodyshop Honeycomb bronzer is subtle enough to warm up your face OR if you fancy looking like you've magically gotten a bit of sun, it can do that too. Over the bronzer I place a little of my Rimmel blush in Santa Rose (which has been mentioned to death on this blog) and then some of my No7 highlighter. Boom, your face is looking fresh.

My Urban Decay Naked 3 palette is still going strong and I place a little bit of Stranger in the corners of my eyes as well as on my brow bone and then a little all over the lid for good measure. (I am pleasantly surprised that I haven't yet hit pan on any of the shadows in my palette.) I then sweep some of Burnout over the outer half of my eyelid and out towards the edges of my eyes. Cue blending until it's just a subtle shimmer. If I can be bothered I'll then make a very subtle cat flick with my Rimmel Flash eyeliner (which is ridiculously easy to use but mine is drying out and it has a tendency to smudge. I would definitely recommend a felt tip eyeliner in general but possibly not this one. I may purchase the Stila one when I get my pay in a few days. Tangent over) and that is all. This makeup routine will not take longer than 10 minutes unless you go for a foundation/BB cream which requires lots of buffing and why would you?

Hair at two, three, four and five months after last cut (you can see the mullet flourishing towards the end.)

On towards talk about my pixie cut. I am a couple of days away from six months of growing my pixie cut out and I have learnt a thing or two. First of all; just accept the fact that you're gonna have to get your neck hair cut to avoid the mullet. I refused to go to the hairdresser for the first five months because I thought I could power through the awkward mullet phase. Spoiler alert; I could not. (If you can, you have nerves of steel!) You may want nothing more than to be able to pull your hair back into a ponytail but I am here to tell you that it's not worth it if your ponytail consists entirely of neck hair. It's mainly weird. Secondly; let go of your hair worries. It will do what it wants when it wants to, okay? I'm not saying that I haven't had a few hair-related breakdowns and I am completely incapable of accepting compliments regarding my hair at the moment without going on a rant but it's important to chill. Nobody else cares as much about the state of your hair as you do.

I wish I had taken better pictures of my hair as I grew it out but I will do better until my next update at the (hopefully) massively different eight month update.

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