Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Three things I'm loving

Just to warn you right now: This is a post about stuff that I have pinned of Pinterest because I am having a Pinterest-moment. (Who am I kidding. I always have a Pinterest-moment.)

Shorts styled in an effortless way. Can "shorts" and "effortless" even be in the same sentence? Technically shorts just means rush to the bathroom cabinet to shave them and then smother them in fake tan. Right?

Expertly placed plants. Tell me these plants aren't dominating these spaces. With the sidekick Funky Lamp perhaps. The fact that all plants go suicidal as soon as they enter my house is one of my biggest sorrows.

Pictures of these dreamy places (Greece, Italy, Czech Republic). It's okay. Everyone else goes on holiday but I'm content just sitting here on Pinterest, knowing that pink houses exist in this world.

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