Monday, 7 July 2014

Week 27 - dublin surprise trip

All images are from my Instagram

Last week was a good week!

On my birthday a month ago I received a bunch of things from Steve as well as the promise that he had a surprise planned. Not that I required a surprise but I was pleased nevertheless. On Sunday morning we packed our bags and got into the car for our little road trip, ending up in a five star hotel outside of Dublin! (Technically, that's leaving the country and everything.) I don't think I've ever stayed in a five star hotel before but I now know that they have fancy toiletries which I promptly stole. Yesterday we just stayed in the area around the hotel, had dinner (and wine for me) and then we watched a movie in our ridiculously giant hotel bed. Today we took the train into Dublin and I hadn't been there for years! We had breakfast out, walked in and out of little designer shops for hours and shared a pie outside St. George's Arcade before we left Dublin and began our journey back home. I feel like it's difficult to explain quite how good these two days were. It was just a lovely, chilled-out trip and definitely my favourite birthday present ever.

P.S. I exercised as soon as we got home because I have p i g g e d o u t these last two days.

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